The Leadership Awards Ceremony

Don't Hide Your Heros!

Many directors do astounding work for their credit unions, their communities and the movement. They are true industry heroes. But far too often, too few people know about it. That’s not right.
We know you have some great stories to share about the best directors working out there today.
What are you waiting for? Share them with us. Give these great directors the exposure and honor they deserve.

Again this year at the Leadership Convention, we will honor board excellence in all its richness and diversity. And we want to know about the board member at your credit union who provided truly inspired, visionary leadership. We also want to know about a leader who has provided years if not decades of devoted leadership.

Any CU director or CEO may nominate a director for either honor, the Leadership Award or the Distinguished Service Award. The induction ceremony will take place at the convention on August 2, 2017 before a packed house of appreciative peers.

Nomination Form

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