Two Heavyweights, One Ring in a No-Holds-Barred Battle Over One Four-Letter word: “$#!%”

Wednesday, 11:15 am – Noon.

You’ve heard of the Thrilla in Manila … the Rumble in the Jungle … well get ready for the “Ruckas in Vegas!”

CU Heavyweights Rumble Over the Culture and Emphasis of “Sales.” Two heavyweights in the CU movement go toe-to-toe over one of the most controversial and emotional issues facing every Director & CEO: “sell” or not to “sell.” For some, the recent Wells Fargo fiasco only confirms their worst fears and proves that sales have no place in financial institutions designed to serve their members – not their own pockets. For others, CUs that don’t train and incentivize sales people are fooling themselves and creating more harm than good for their members – and their CU. You’ll want ringside seats for this one-of-a-kind, no-holds-barred debate over whether CUs should also be in the business of sales.